What's Happening at Tableau Conference Europe

Tableau Conference Europe has more than 150 hours of sessions plus meetups, Tableau Doctor appointments, pre-conference Training Workshops, and Certification Exams.

Not sure what’s what or how to find the sessions you want? Keep reading below for information about the different session types and tracks offered for a variety of learning styles.

Hands-On Training

Two-hour classroom-style sessions led by expert Tableau trainers who will guide you step-by-step through lessons on a Tableau-provided computer. Hands-On Trainings are not recorded, but guided exercises, solutions, and datasets used in the training are shared after conference ends.


Meetups are the best way to find YOUR data people at Tableau Conference Europe. These informal gatherings, organised around job roles, industries, or topics, kick off with a short presentation or discussion and provide plenty of time to connect and interact. Meetups run throughout the week. Arrive early, space is limited.

TC Europe French Track

A full day of lecture-style presentations given in French led by Tableau employees, customers, and partners. These will be recorded and made available (along with speakers’ presentations) after Tableau Conference Europe ends.

Certification Exams

Flaunt your skills with a Tableau Certification. These exams test your Tableau knowledge in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Upon passing, you’ll hold an official Tableau Certification title, which is the only way to clearly show your Tableau expertise. Advance registration and an additional fee (discounted for conference attendees) are required. Certification exams take place Tuesday. Check out the Certification page for details.

Training Workshops

These full day workshops are offered pre-conference on Tuesday. Advance registration and additional fee (discounted for conference attendees) are required. See the Training Workshop schedule for more details.

Tableau Doctor

Paging Doctor Data! Tableau Doctor is your chance to meet with a Tableau expert one-on-one to learn skills, solve problems, and get questions answered. Bring your data set and workbook.

There are two Tableau Doctor options:

  • Make a 45-minute appointment onsite. Scheduled appointments are limited to one per person.
  • Visit the Walk-In Clinic, starting Tuesday at 12:30 Visit the Walk-In Clinic at a time convenient for you. Meet with a Doctor for 45-minutes with no appointment necessary, and no limitations on the number of times you can meet.

Iron Viz Championship

Ready for the world’s premiere visualization showdown? Mark your calendars—our Iron Viz Championship is not to be missed. Tune in as three contestants (cherry-picked from highly competitive feeder competitions) face off before eager TC Europe crowds. Yielding identical datasets and a set amount of time, each contestant will battle to build the finest visualization in the arena.